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The Devil is a Part-Timer: Season 1 Recap

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The Devil is a Part-Timer: Season 1 Recap

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 is set to release in July 2022. Before season 2 starts, here is a recap of The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1.

The series is set in a fantasy world where devils and other creatures exist before moving to Earth. The set-up changes to the modern day, which is quite the opposite of what most isekai anime usually have.

This concept is intriguing enough for anime viewers to check it out. Add the huge amount of entertaining comedy, and The Devil is a Part-Timer became one of the well-loved series of its time.

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The Devil is a Part-Timer: Season 1 Recap

The Devil is a Part-Timer Recap
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In season one, Demon Lord Satan wanted to conquer Ente Isla. He and his four Demon Generals and followers attacked the said location but were defeated by Hero Emilia Justina.

To save himself, Satan, along with Alciel the Demon General, passed through an interdimensional gate that led them to modern-day Tokyo.

Unfortunately, the two cannot go back to their original world cause magic is only a concept on Earth. This made the two decide to live among humans and planned to conquer Earth after knowing more about it.

Satan now goes as Sadou Maou, who works as an employee at MgRonald’s. He started as a regular employee and was eventually promoted to shift manager.

Alciel, who is now Shiro Ashiya, takes the role of a housewife and handles all the household chores and researches to find a way to acquire magic once again.

What Satan did not expect was that Emilia followed them and now goes by Emi Yusa.

They all had a peaceful life until Lucifer attacked Satan and Emilia, and the two were left with no choice but to work together. They succeeded, though, and Lucifer moves to Satan and Alciel’s place.

Satan then discovers a way to acquire magic but that would mean feeding off fear and other emotions from people. He decided not to do it as he became attached to the people on Earth.

Meanwhile, Emilia was able to reunite with her Ente Isla companions. They decided to develop a way to send magic so she can continue using her abilities on Earth.

Crestia Bell and Sariel were then sent to the Earth by the Church of Ente Isla to eliminate Satan.


Crestia changes her mind after knowing how corrupt the Church is and learned that Satan is actually kind. The journey of Satan continues and supporters of the show are now intrigued if he could ever go back to his world.

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