The Defenders Think Up Of A Way To Get An Avengers Crossover

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Though a lot of fans have been hoping for a crossover between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Netflix universe since forever, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been opposed to the idea of having the Defenders hop on to the big screen, telling everyone that the MCU currently hasn't been considering a crossover between the big and small screen characters.

However, though Feige isn't eager to see any of the Defenders making their way to the big screen, it looks like the Netflix stars are still hoping to get a crossover by bringing the Avengers to Netflix.


Speaking in an interview with GamesRadar, Iron Fist star Finn Jones suggested that a crossover could actually work if the Avengers would drop in on the Marvel Netflix universe.

"We're part of the same universe. If there ever was a mash-up between the Avengers and the Defenders, I think it'd be really nice to see the Avengers come to the Netflix world. It'd be way more interesting to see those characters fleshed out the same way as our characters are, rather than just see our characters do some big f-cking fight scene! There's nothing cool about that."

Luke Cage's Mike Colter shared the same feeling, saying that it would be more likely to see the Avengers in a Marvel Netflix series than seeing the New York heroes sharing the same fights as the Avengers on the big screen.

"It would be easier to have them come into our world because it would probably be more believable. There's not some huge universal thing going on, some intergalactic thing invading the planet or something like that. Stark's up in the tower…"

The Defenders are vigilantes that don't really have the same status or strength as the Avengers, so it wouldn't make sense that Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones or Charlie Cox's Daredevil join in on the big fights with Chris Evan's Captain America or Chris Hemsworth's Thor.

Of course, while it is a great idea, the whole scheme has to be signed off by Feige, and we're not really sure whether he'd give the a-okay after falling out with Marvel TV's Jeph Loeb.

The Defenders is set to premiere on August 18 on Netflix.

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