15 Dec 2020 12:34 PM +00:00 UTC

The Dark Knight Trilogy's Christopher Nolan Criticizes Warner Bros. and HBO Max Anew

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Director Christopher Nolan has been collaborating with Warner Bros. for years now but it looks like Nolan is going sour on the company for its questionable business decisions. Just last week, the acclaimed director of The Dark Knight trilogy lambasted HBO Max, calling it the "worst streaming service" following the announcement that WB's 2021 slate will go straight to the streaming service coinciding with their theatrical releases.

For the second time around, Nolan has come out to blast WB and HBO Max. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Nolan said he's not in favor of the move and the way filmmakers are being treated. "It's about what the French call Droit moral," Nolan explained. "Do they own it absolutely, because they paid for it or they financed it? And that is not a purely legalistic question; it's a question of ethics as well. It's a question of partnership and collaboration. They did not speak to those filmmakers. They did not consult them about what their plans were for their work. And I felt that somebody needed to point out that that wasn't the right way to treat those filmmakers."

Nolan makes a pretty good argument and I totally get where he is coming from but you also have to consider the situation we're currently in. You really can't fault Warner Bros. for their risky decision because we're still in the middle of a global health crisis and nobody knows for sure when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. All we can really do for now is to hope and pray that everything goes back to normal soon.

Speaking of, Wonder Woman 1984 is hitting cinemas and HBO Max on December 25.

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