19 Nov 2019 9:28 AM +00:00 UTC

The CW's Superman and Lois Could Introduce The Super Sons

After The CW's upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths, we're going to be getting a Superman and Lois show, featuring the versions Superman and Lois Lane we've seen in Supergirl. This is something that a lot of fans are very excited to see, especially those that have nostalgia for Lois and Clarl, plus it will be nice to see a live-action Superman show since we won't be seeing Henry Cavill return as the character on the big screen.

We all knew that their son Jonathan Kent, or Jon Kent as fans and Supes have called him, would be in the show but most of us thought he would be a baby or young child. Well, if this rumor from GWW, who have a decent enough track record of getting these right, we're going to have a slightly older Jon Kent and Damian Wayne in the show.

That's right, we could be getting DC's Super Sons in this CW/DC show and that is awesome.


GWW's report claims that the show is looking for a 14-year old boy to play a character named "Matthew," which is clearly a codename, who has an earnest "aww shucks" attitude that doesn't feel dated, which is very Jon Kent. They also want to cast a teen named "Ethan," who will have Leonardo DiCaprio-like qualities, will be wildly intelligent, and have inherent darkness, which is a dead ringer for Damian Wayne.

Not gonna lie, DC's Super Sons appear in The CW's Superman and Lois, I'll watch every episode they're in. Jon Kent and Damian Wayne have proven to be engaging and fun protagonists in comic books, so here's hoping that they do these characters justice in live-action.

The CW's Superman and Lois currently has no release date.

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