The Clone Wars: The Siege of Mandalore Gets Its Own Trailer

We're at the final four episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Dave Filoni is finally going to give us the much awaited Siege of Mandalore. What's great is, we have a full trailer for the event, and it has Ahsoka reuniting with the 501st.

We don't have any official description for the last four episodes, but the Siege of Mandalore will involve Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and the Clone Army trying to reclaim Mandalore after Maul had taken it over for himself. With the series said to be overlapping with the events of Revenge of the Sith, I'm really hoping there's some space in the final episode to give us a breakdown of what Ahsoka went through when Order 66 was going down. Maybe we can even have cameos from other expanded universe characters like Rebels' Kanan Jarrus or Fallen Order's Cal Kestis.

Admittedly fans haven't been too happy with the last few episodes. Sure The Clone Wars had started great with the Bad Batch, but none were too interested with Ahsoka's little ‘filler' arc with the Martez sisters and the Pyke Syndicate. Hopefully we get right back to the meat of things with the much awaited Siege of Mandalore.

Though Clone Wars is set to end, we're still going to be getting a Rebels sequel series which is said to focus on Ahsoka and Sabine's search for Ezra Bridger. We don't know how far along the show is yet, but hopefully we can get a teaser when Clone Wars finally ends.

Catch the final episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+ every Friday.

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