The Boys Showrunner Says Superheroes Would Be D-ks If They Were Real

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There is little doubt that The Boys isn't all about glorifying superheroes like the Marvel and DC films out there. Interestingly, Eric Kripke has even gone as far as claiming that superheroes would be "d-cks" if they actually existed.

Kripke and the cast of The Boys recently discussed the show's unique take on the superhero genre at San Diego Comic-Con. During the panel, the showrunner stated that the Amazon Prime series intends to reveal just what people should expect if superpowered beings were real (via io9).

"So, overall, what we're really trying to do is [ask] what is the most brutally realistic depiction of superheroes in the real world?" Kripke said. "And with superheroes as insecure and f--ked up and self-serving and selfish as real humans really would be if given superpowers, they'd all be super Bill Cosby."

Kripke also pointed out that the series somehow mirrors the current political realities.

"The villains of the show are these sort of slick people who can stand in front of the world and refuse to admit any sort of weakness, and somehow think projecting or demonstrating strength at all times is good when what it is is dictatorial and autocratic and total bulls--t. So, the people who appear strong in the show are actually quite weak. And the people who appear weak in the show are actually quite strong. Because, we all need each other as people," he said.

Finally, Kripke summed up what the series is all about.

"If [superheroes] were real, they'd be d-cks. Here's the team that fights them. And you can watch the show and have a blast at that level. But we spend a lot of time building the iceberg under the water with the emotion and the satire and with the thematics to make sure there's a real deep level if people want to explore it," he said.

Are you ready for The Boys? The series is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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