Karl Urban Hunts Superheroes in New Trailer for The Boys

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With comic book movies being at the height of popularity right now, Amazon Prime Video is releasing this new series called The Boys which kind of looks at the darker side of a world full of superhumans. A new trailer has dropped for the movie, and it gives us a better look at the characters and the supposed villains—the heroes.

This is the official description:


Supes have been committing atrocities, which keep getting swept under the rug because they are revered by the adoring public. Billy Butcher recruits The Boys who have all been wronged by The Seven, the world's most notorious superheroes, to bring them down and stop the corruption. Based on the best-selling comics by Garth Ennis, The Boys is a revenge story where the nobodies take on the somebodies.

I have to say, it looks like the film is attacking Justice League more (number of members, the promo images), but I'm sure there could be some commentary on the MCU as well. I also think it's fun that they had Karl Urban star; if you recall, he was Skurge the Executioner in Thor: Ragnarok.

After his work on Preacher, Seth Rogen is looking to have another comic-book adaptation with The Boys. With all the recent movies adhering to the kid-friendly "Marvel formula", I think it's cool that we can get something as irreverent and nasty as The Boys.

Catch The Boys when it premieres on Amazon Prime Video on July 26.


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