The Boys and Star Trek Actor Jack Quaid 'Would Kill' to be Part of Star Wars

The Boys
Credit: Amazon Prime

The Boys
Credit: Amazon Prime

It goes without saying that Star Trek and Star Wars have a deep-seated "rivalry" that's been going on for decades now but despite the science-fiction warfare, actors crossing over from one franchise to the other isn't exactly a rare occurrence. Now, another Trek alumnus has expressed his desire to join the galaxy far, far away and it looks like he's determined to make it happen.

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Credit: Amazon Prime

Jack Quaid, who has become a household name in Hollywood thanks to his involvement in Amazon Prime's hit superhero The Boys as Hughie apparently has his sights set on joining Star Wars. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Quaid revealed that the Disney property awakened his true love for the sci-fi genre.

He said: "I don't know if anyone's ever been in both – and I'll probably be very much corrected by nerds – in both a Star Trek live-action project and a Star Wars live-action project, but I would like to be one of the first."

Quaid added that given the opportunity, he'd love to play a droid, Jedi, or a character similar to Han Solo. He added: "The reason why I'm into sci fi and fantasy comes from Star Wars. I would kill to be a droid or a Jedi or a Han Solo type, whatever. I could be a blade of grass in a field, I don't care. I'd love to be in a Star Wars project, for sure. I never thought I'd be on Star Trek show – period. That was a dream come true. So I don't know. Maybe that could happen."

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I think we can all agree that Quaid opened a lot of eyes with his performance as Hughie and that alone could be his ticket to joining other media franchises when The Boys officially concludes. When it will happen remains to be seen but it's safe to assume that Lucasfilm is already on the lookout.

Meanwhile, The Boys Season 4 has officially begun production.

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