The Batman's Robert Pattinson Got So Buffed Eddie Redmayne Almost Didn't Recognize Him

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The Batman is the latest reboot of the bat vigilante after Christian Bale took on the role in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy. Helmed by Matt Reeves, The Batman features Robert Pattinson as the new Bruce Wayne, following his second year of fighting crimes in Gotham City, hunting down the sharp serial killer known as The Riddler. One month after its theatrical release, The Batman has now surpassed $700 Million at the box office.

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Even though fans were skeptical of Pattinson's casting announcement as the Batman, Pattinson proved that he was the perfect actor to take on the role. Pattinson's performance in The Batman instantly gained praises from both critics and fans following its theatrical release. While previous interpretation paints Batman as typically buffed, noting how former actors like Christian Bale and Ben Affleck took an immense amount of time to train at the gym before wearing the Batman mantle, Pattinson was seen as lean prior to the film's release. Thankfully, when The Batman was released, fans witnessed that Pattinson's physique actually improved.

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Now, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them star Eddie Redmayne vouched that Pattinson went through a drastic physical transformation to play Batman, that at some point, he almost didn't recognize him. Redmayne revealed:

"One day, I went to the gym, and I walked in, and there was this guy with, like, a high ponytail. Massive. Doing the most extraordinary stunts I've ever seen with his stunt director and...and it was that slightly embarrassing thing when you're a skinny runt, and you go into a gym and there's someone...and this is the same gym that, like, Jason Momoa goes to. You're quite used to big guys. And I walk in and there's this guy, and this guy goes, 'hi,' and i go, 'hi,' and then I just sort of sit there watching him do these incredible things while I, sort of, you know, weakly do a sit up in the corner."

"Anyway, after, like, forty minutes of doing this, I sort of go - not forty minutes, ten minutes - I go to sort of scuttle off, and as I'm going, this guy goes, 'bye Eddie!' And I look back and it was Rob! And he was so physically changed, and he had a man-bun."

Impressively, looks like Robert Pattinson exerted a tremendous amount of effort to play the iconic DC caped crusader. Aside from the physical transformation, fans have also praised Pattinson's portrayal of Bruce Wayne, stepping outside the character's typical playboy persona.

Pattinson once proved again that he is now an A-list actor, and the preparation clearly paid off as his performance on The Batman is now one of the fan-favorite interpretations, maybe even beating Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy. The Batman also beats Nolan's Batman Begins at the box office, which grossed around $371.8 million.

The Batman is rumored to premiere on the streaming service, HBO Max on April 19.

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