The Batman Set Thrown Into Chaos As Crew Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

COVID-19 had effectively shut down all production work in Hollywood, and only months later have things started to get back on track. The Batman was said to have started rolling cameras again, but now word has it that the production has been halted once again.

As reported by Daily Mail, the cast and crew of The Batman were all sent home after a member of the team had tested positive for the Coronavirus. An insider of the studio had said, "We have been sent a memo telling us that a member of the crew has had a positive COVID-19 test… Everyone was talking on the set about it. We do not know who has tested positive, but it has caused chaos to the schedule."

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Credit: WB Pictures

This delay is said to cost Warner Bros ‘hundreds of thousands of pounds' and could likely delay the film from its October 2021 release date. Even before the delay, the movie was already said to have taken anti-COVID precautions, even opting to build sets rather than to shoot on location.

We don't know when things will start up again for the movie, but hopefully, WB comes up with a solution that will be safe for everyone in the cast and crew. While I'm certainly bummed that the movie could be delayed, I don't think everyone's safety should be put at risk because of a film.

While we don't have any official word on WB yet, The Batman is still looking at an Oct. 1, 2021 release date.

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