The Batman Spinoff Show Teases Predictable TV Rating

Matt Reeves’ Bat-Verse may be heading towards its first R-Rating with its HBO spinoff, The Penguin, which is set to feature Colin Farrell’s villain after DC fans have found the actor's performance quite compelling to watch, enough to produce a spinoff show centering the villain.

Now, as The Penguin continues to film in New York City, a new footage emerges from Twitter user The Art of Batman, in which a scene from The Penguin is being filmed in the streets, with the clip showing a tease of Farrell's Oz Cobblepot (aka the titular character) dropping an F-bomb as he walked the streets of Gotham City. Check out the video below:

The actor spoke: “None of those f-cks had the balls to do what I did…” which seemingly implies that The Batman spinoff show on HBO is most likely aiming for an R-Rated streaming show. The video was replied to by another video showcasing Farrell pulling up on a rainy day in Gotham, in which the video also shows How I Met Your Mother and Palm Springs alum Kristen Milioti.

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It is highly possible for The Penguin to get its TV-MA rating given the nature of HBO, the Batverse and superhero shows in general. Not to mention, Matt Reeves' The Batman had R-Rating, too, a year ago, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see how the F-bombings are dropped throughout the series.

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As for the plot of The Batman spinoff series, it is still being kept under wraps for now. However, the few teaser clips we do get have set up the scene. It is reportedly set after The Batman ends with Gotham still facing the massive flood Riddler had caused.

Hopefully, we get the chance to know more about Oz and his origins, before we likely get to see him with Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader again.

The Penguin has no official release date for now, but is speculated to be released sometime in 2024 on HBO Max.

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