The Batman: Matt Reeves Says Wayne Family is Like the Kennedys

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There is little doubt that Bruce Wayne comes from a family who is known for its money and control over Gotham City. So it's no surprise that Matt Reeves sees the Wayne family as the fictional version of the Kennedys which produced John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. The Batman director shared how he approached his version of the Dark Knight as something of a local celebrity.

Matt Reeves recently spoke to KCRW where he spoke about the version of Bruce Wayne who appears in The Batman. Interestingly, the filmmaker stated that the Waynes can be considered America's version of royalty.

"I was interested in the idea of him being at a stage where he couldn't bear the weight of the history of being part of the Waynes," Reeves said. "I thought he could be kind of like a member of the Kennedy family like American royalty, or what a British royal would be in the wake of a tragedy and how there was a lens being put on you because of a family tragedy that you could never escape."

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"And so his response would be to want to withdraw from all of that and not understand that in the mission of what he was trying to do to try and make sense of his life, he might be able to use that as a kind of mask or or guise, that might be useful," Reeves continued. "He can't figure any of that out yet."

It's interesting that Reeves made the comparison to the Kennedys considering that Bruce Wayne would be the most likely candidate to get into politics if he weren't so busy with crimefighting. On the other hand, it might be a better idea to stick to being the Dark Knight of Gotham City.

The Batman is still screening in theaters worldwide.

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