The Batman Deleted Scene Possibly Revealed How Joker Escapes Arkham Asylum

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In case you missed it, the deleted scene from The Batman has finally surfaced and is causing a stir among DC fans. After all, the scene featured Robert Pattinson's Batman talking to Barry Keoghan's Joker and the sequence actually features a closer look at the villain. But did the deleted scene also tease at the franchise's future? Fans have noted that a closer look at the sequence reveals how the Clown Prince of Crime could escape from Arkham Asylum!

In The Batman deleted scene, the Caped Crusader visits the Joker to ask about The Riddler. Joker is delighted by the visit, saying it is almost their anniversary and that the gift for the first year anniversary is paper. However, Batman only wants to discuss the Riddler. Still, Joker tries to change the subject but ultimately shares his insight on the Riddler.

It's interesting to see that Batman somehow relied on Joker to tell him some important details about the Riddler. However, he may have made a mistake about showing his files to the Joker. Fans have noted that there was a paper clip in the documents which somehow disappeared in the next shot.

We're loving this small detail that could confirm Joker's involvement in The Batman sequel. After all, even a paper clip could be a dangerous weapon in the hands of a criminal like him. This might also be the reason why the scene was deleted from the film in the first place.

For now, it is still unclear whether Joker will be brought back in the sequel to The Batman. However, fans are already hoping to see more of Barry Keoghan's grotesque version of the character in the future.

The Batman is still screening in theaters worldwide and is already a major box office hit.

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