The Batman: Is The Mayor's Son The Future Robin? [SPOILER WARNING]

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Matt Reeves' The Batman just launched in theaters introducing Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne as the new bat vigilante. When Paul Dano's The Riddler murdered his first victim, the mayor, Wayne came across the victim's son and even saved his life at his father's funeral. The connection between the boy and Bruce Wayne seems to be teasing a future Batman and Robin storyline for a sequel.

The audience met Bruce Wayne as the 'vengeance' he claims to be. When Gotham's mayor, played by Rupert Penry-Jones was murdered, Wayne got a note from The Riddler to follow the villain's trails. As the story progresses, we finally understand why The Riddler wants to kill Batman revealing that the Wayne family played a substantial part in Gotham's corruption schemes.

The Batman puts a heavy emphasis on the mayor's son, with few eye interactions from the film, and when Bruce Wayne saved the boy at his father's funeral. Bruce Wayne's family got murdered too and he appears to relate to what the boy is going through. While The Batman didn't name the mayor's son, it could easily set up a potential Batman-Robin storyline.

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Robin is well-known for being a sidekick for Batman. Robin's last appearance in a live-action film was in 1997's Batman and Robin and the character remained on a TV series for years in DC's Titans. Now that director Matt Reeves is reportedly crafting a fresh and grounded Batverse, he could craft a Robin storyline very easily, especially with the heavy emphasis on the mayor's son in the film.

Could he be Robin? Maybe. Its also worth noting that in the first scene of the film, the mayor's son is spotted training with swords wearing a red costume, which looks like Robin's costume in the Comics. Robert Pattinson also revealed in recent reports that he is interested in a Batman-Robin duo for the future sequels of the film with only one condition, 'he has to be at least 13.'

While Pattinson's Batman portrays a loner, it would be a great idea to introduce Robin or Tim Drake in Matt Reeves' Batverse. After Selina Kyle moves out from the chaotic Gotham City, Bruce Wayne may actually need a new partner.

The Batman is now showing in theaters worldwide.

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