The Batman Changes Its Release Date Due to You Know What

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Now that production on The Batman has been officially shut down due to the Coronavirus, it seems like the people behind the scenes have realized that some major changes are going to be made. With everyone sent home until things have calmed down, a decision has been made to officially change the release date of the movie, even though it was originally due for a summer 2021 release.

Deadline has confirmed that The Batman's release date is now October 1, 2021, instead of the previous June 25, 2021. While the news isn't too surprising, the fact that this was a movie that was supposed to come out in Summer 2021 does show that they are taking this virus seriously. We're sure that things will calm down next year (hopefully) so let's be optimistic about going out again next year.

There's a lot of excitement for Matt Reeves' DCEU debut since this is supposed to be the start of a trilogy plus a Batman Beyond movie. While Ben Affleck was supposed to star in that trilogy and would have been perfect as a mentor for Terry McGinnis, we're sure that Robert Pattinson is going to blow everyone away. Pattinson's been really good in other movies and most critics have already forgotten that he was in Twilight.

What are your thoughts on The Batman getting delayed from June to October? Let us know in the comments below.

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