The Batman 2 Director Teases Surprising Villain For Sequel

There is little doubt that people have great expectations when it comes to The Batman 2. After all, the first film promised the arrival of one of the Dark Knight's most famous adversaries. But is it possible that the sequel will actually bring in someone unexpected? Director Matt Reeves has just teased that an obscure baddie making their big-screen debut in the highly anticipated Robert Pattinson film.

In The Batman, The Riddler was brought to Arkham Asylum where he befriends a mysterious inmate with a distinct laugh. Needless to say, the scene had fans convinced that the Joker will be the next big villain in The Batman 2.

So is the Clown Prince of Crime actually showing up in the second film or does the director have other plans? Matt Reeves recently spoke to where he joked about the antagonist in The Batman 2, revealing that Robert Pattinson gave him the idea for the perfect villain.

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"I will say that to me the funniest thing that Rob did the last time that we were on the press tour is that he kept talking about how great he thought it would be if we did Condiment King because he loved the idea of somebody just dousing somebody in mustard," Reeves said. He then pointed out that this shouldn't be taken seriously but it's still the only answer he could provide.

"I won't commit to saying that Condiment King is going to make a reference, but I'll just use that as an answer to your question because I don't have an answer to your question," Reeves stated.

Condiment King might seem like a hilarious option but we're also pressed to point out that he does have connections to the Joker so it's not exactly a stretch. Although it's unlikely, we wouldn't be surprised if Batman has to deal with ketchup stains in the next film.

The Batman 2 is currently in development.

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