07 May 2021 10:27 AM +00:00 UTC

The Bad Batch Episode 2 Recap: Cut and Run From The Empire

One of the best things about this week is we are getting two episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The animated series debuted on Star Wars Day and the second episode has just been released. WARNING! The following contains SPOILERS from The Bad Batch Episode 2 so PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

The second episode of The Bad Batch takes off immediately after the events in Aftermath where four members of Clone Force 99 (Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, and Echo) escape Kamino with the young clone Omega. They head for the planet Saleucami where they are reunited with former Clone Trooper Cut Lawquane.

Interestingly, the episode Cut and Run features Cut telling the other clones about the inhibitor chip and what it did to them when Order 66 was executed. However, it is still unclear why Crosshair was the only member of the team who was unable to resist the order.

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Meanwhile, Cut is just looking out for his family's safety. When he and Hunter go into town, he admits that he wants to take his wife Suu and their children off-world. Unfortunately, this is a difficult task considering that the new law requires a chain code from anyone who wants to legally book a transport.


Naturally, Clone Force 99 takes it upon themselves to help Cut and his family. Tech and Echo set off to infiltrate the ship impound to retrieve chain codes but realize too late that Omega had followed them. Although they are captured, Omega manages to sneak away with the chain code.

Interestingly, there are five chain codes although Cut's family only needs four. It is then revealed that Hunter wants Omega to go with the family saying it is too dangerous for her to stay with him and Clone Force 99. Nevertheless, Omega chooses to stay with them as Cut and his family escape.

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