The Acolyte: Mother Koril May Still Be Alive Following Episode 7 Twist

the acolyte koril alive
Credit: Lucasfilm | Disney+ | Fair Use For Promotional and News Purposes

the acolyte koril alive
Credit: Lucasfilm | Disney+ | Fair Use For Promotional and News Purposes

The latest The Acolyte episode seemingly confirms that Mother Koril is still alive. Despite the fire that burned some of the fortresses and the witches' coven, there's a chance that Koril escaped the Jedi right under their noses.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Acolyte episode 7, so proceed with caution.

Mother Koril Might Return Just in Time For the Finale

the acolyte koril alive
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Credit: Lucasfilm | Disney+ | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

Mother Aniseya may have been on board with the idea of letting Osha join the Jedi Order and forge her own path, but the twins' other mother, Koril, thinks otherwise.

Given the strange nature of Osha and Mae's birth, Mother Koril strongly insists that they stay with the witches to fulfill their prophecy through the Ascension ceremony.

Mother Koril instilled her anger into Mae to manifest the energy that would prevent her daughters from leaving. However, things escalate when Sol and Torbin end up returning to the coven to take the twins by force.

Aniseya was clear that they "cannot use violence" as a part of their practice. Even if she allows Osha to join the Jedi, she still finds it preposterous to raise children in an institution instead of their family.

When Sol thought Aniseya was going to keep the twins, he killed her with his lightsaber, finding out far too late that she had no ill intention.

Out of rage, Mother Koril seeks vengeance against the Jedi who disturbed their peace. However, as much as she wants Sol to fight her back, he refuses to.

She disappears into thin air and is presumed to be the witch in charge of controlling Kelnacca. But when the camera pans to the coven of witches, Koril is nowhere to be found among them. So, what gives?

It is possible Koril used Kelnacca as a distraction so that she could escape the coven and eventually land her shocking ending by The Acolyte's finale.

Given that she hasn't carried out her revenge yet, Sol could be facing the deadly consequences of his past.

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The Acolyte episode 8 premieres on Disney+ on Tuesday, July 16.

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