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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Star Reveals How She Feels About That Last-Minute Twist

The new reboot of the classic Leatherface thriller Texas Chainsaw Massacre has just landed on Netflix. Though the film is being panned by viewers, some thriller fans loved seeing Leatherface once again on a killing spree, as he always does.

The synopsis of Netflix’s new Texas Chainsaw Massacre follows three influencers in hosting a business venture in a ghost town in Texas where they also encountered Leatherface, the killer widely known for his chainsaw and wearing a human skin mask. Like all of the Leatherface movies starting from 1974’s first release, the film still follows its frightening elements by being bloody that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre is starred Elsie Fisher as Lila and Sarah Yarkin as Melody who is both the lead stars of the film. They are also joined by Olwen Fouéré who will play Sally Hardesty, who survived from the Leatherface from the very first film of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Hardesty will be hunting down Leatherface in this film and will join the sisters in killing Leatherface.


In the last sequence of the film, Lila and Melody seemingly defeated Leatherface by shooting and slashing his face with a chainsaw. Leatherface fell into the water and the two teenagers thought that he was good as dead. However, while the sisters were having a closure scene in a car and planning to get out of the ghost town for the film, Leatherface appeared and forcibly took Melody and cut her head off with his chainsaw. This scene was really terrifying most especially because Leatherface just won again by killing one of the main protagonists of the film.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Yarkin expressed how she feels about her character’s tragic death:

“I think my death is the best part of the movie. So of course, I was disappointed when I read the script and learned my fate. But I think it's a much better movie that I die, because it's shocking. I mean, it happens in the last, like, 10 seconds in the movie. It was shocking to me, and I knew I died when I was watching it. So no, I don't wish I lived. I love it.”

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Melody’s character was really resilient throughout the film and we are all rooting for her to get out of Leatherface’s path for sure. Being trapped inside the killer’s home, successfully getting out, and being killed at the very last scene when they are almost on their way to leave Texas was really shocking for us too.

While we are all caught off-guard by this tragic ending, a post-credit scene reveals Leatherface is going back to his home which teases a sequel for the film.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now streaming on Netflix.

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