28 Nov 2017 5:00 PM +00:00 UTC

Tested: Adam Savage Takes A Look At The Props And Costumes From Star Trek

Star Trek had fantastically been rebooted by J.J. Abrams back in 2009, and it’s no mystery that the production value for the films is nothing but breathtaking. With a lot of the props and costumes for the movies going into auction, Adam Savage has taken his Tested crew to a warehouse in London filled with props from the new Trek movies to check out all the cool setpieces.

Star Trek has had a long history of iconic costumes, and the uniforms designed and made for the 2009 film reimagined Starfleet uniforms for fans and new audiences. Adam Savage gets up close with some of these beautiful film-used costumes and props, examining how they were constructed and appreciating the nuanced details that make them look so good on screen.


Most of the props seem to come from the first two Trek movies including Into Darkness. You can see that the uniforms actually have the Starfleet logo printed all over them, and a lot of prop phasers come in many different forms.

You can also see how meticulously designed the costumes are, and how Khan’s first appearance from Into Darkness actually has some touches of Blade Runner and the original get-up from Wrath of Khan.

You also have to love how much detail goes into all the other props in the film, even if they do just show up for a few seconds onscreen. Spock’s thermal detonator has a lot of lovely details, and it even has a slot where they can install a smartphone for a countdown in the film.

We don’t know when the next Star Trek movie comes out, but a lot of cast members are hopeful that it will happen.

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