Terminator Zero Cast: All Confirmed Characters in Netflix's Sci-Fi Anime

a skeleton with red eyes is standing in a dark room .
Credit: Netflix

a skeleton with red eyes is standing in a dark room .
Credit: Netflix

Get ready for the latest addition to the Terminator franchise as Netflix’s Terminator Zero anime series announces its August release date and main cast members, setting the stage for another epic battle between humans and machines.

Latest News: Terminator Zero Unveils Action-Packed Teaser Trailer and New Key Art

The highly anticipated Terminator Zero anime released a new teaser trailer that showcases action-packed scenes featuring characters such as The Terminator, Malcolm Lee, and Eiko.

Also unveiled is a new key art that shows a human hand grasping what appears to be a cyborg's or The Terminator's hand, hinting at a potential twist in the characters' relationships:

Netflix Unveils Main Cast for the Terminator Zero Anime

The Terminator Zero anime is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix worldwide on August 29, 2024, exactly 27 years after the all-out war between humans and cyborgs depicted in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Ahead of the premiere, Netflix has announced the cast for the anime adaptation based on the classic Terminator film franchise.

The cast features several well-known Hollywood names who will bring both new and familiar characters to life in the upcoming sci-fi and action anime.

Here are the confirmed cast members and their characters in Terminator Zero:

  • Timothy Olyphant (Joel Hammond in Santa Clarita Diet) as The Terminator. Netflix’s version of The Terminator will remain faithful to the classic cyborg assassin. However, showrunner Mattson Tomlin claims that Olyphant’s portrayal of the character will be unlike anything the fans have seen before, adding, “It feels fresh and new and wholly its own thing.”
  • André Holland (Kevin in Moonlight) as Malcolm Lee, a genius computer programmer and father of three. He is haunted by prophetic nightmares of an apocalyptic future.
  • Rosario Dawson (Ahsoka Tano in Ahsoka) as Kokoro, an advanced AI and Japan's answer to Skynet. If brought online, Kokoro will have the same power as Skynet.
  • Sonoya Mizuno (Mysaria in House of the Dragon) as Eiko, a resistance fighter from post-Judgement Day 2022. She is sent back in time to stop Malcolm from launching Kokoro.
  • Ann Dowd (Joan in Hereditary) as The Prophet, the philosophical guide for the human resistance.

Will There Be More Cast and Characters in the Terminator Zero Anime? What We Know So Far

Terminator Zero is confirmed to be part of the Terminator universe, but it will introduce new characters, both cyborgs and humans, that fans haven’t met before.

As such, more cast updates are expected soon, in addition to the main cast already revealed. Therefore, fans can anticipate additional cast announcements leading up to the anime’s August 29 premiere.

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