Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3 Recap: Lee Je Hoon Saves an Elderly From Her Misery

Credit: KOCOWA TV / YouTube screenshot

Credit: KOCOWA TV / YouTube screenshot

Taxi Driver 2 never fails to keep viewers hooked on every episode as Lee Je Hoon continues to play the beloved anti-hero Kim Do Gi alongside the Rainbow Taxi team.

The SBS action crime series is based on the webtoon The Deluxe Taxi where a secret organization is helping victims from the perpetrators as the law failed to protect them.

From bullying, harassment, fraud, and more, Kim Do Gi alongside Ahn Go Eun, Choi Kyung Goo, Park Jin Eon, and Chairman Jang Sung Chul sets out a mission to save helpless victims.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3 Rating

After a slight dip, Lee Je Hoon’s drama bounces back from a slump.

According to Neilsen Korea, Taxi Driver 2 episode 3, the SBS action crime series proves its reign after receiving a nationwide rating of 13.2 percent.

With this, the third episode landed as the night’s most-watched Friday-Saturday K-drama.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3 Recap

The episode began showing Kim Do Gi’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) It comes after the former lieutenant met his colleague after dropping him off at the camp.

Unfortunately, he heard a whistle which reminded him of the incident when he found out that his mother was brutally murdered.

On the other hand, despite his devastating past, he continue to work with the team as the Rainbow Taxi group received a call from an elderly who planned on ending her life but saw the ad on the rai track which led her to the secret organization.

Chairman Jang asked Kim Do Gi to meet the elderly named Mrs. Lee Im- Soon and asked about her situation.

Here, Kim Do Gi found out that he was scammed by a man named Sang Gi who disguised himself as a singer/sales agent.

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According to the woman, she was lured by the young man, whom she treats like her own son, to apply for a credit card.

Little did she know that Sang Gi got her information to steal from her account.

At one point, the young man asked Mrs. Lee to look after his pop-up shop and even invited her fellow neighbors to buy electronics from the store.

Unfortunately, the electronics were damaged, leaving the helpless Mrs. Lee at the police station where charges were pinned on her.

In addition, authorities found out that the gadgets were purchased with a credit card under her name.

However, upon checking, she learned that Sang Gi has fled the village, leaving her with a huge amount of debt.

Moreover, the young man advised the elderly of she could ask her son to help repay her debt.

Kim Do Gi and the team found out that he is transferring to another village targeting another old man.

Interestingly, the Rainbow Taxi team starts its mission and pretends to be among the locals of the small neighborhood.

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