Taxi Driver 2 Episode 1 Recap: Lee Je Hoon Falls Into a Deep Trap

Credit: KOCOWA / YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KOCOWA / YouTube Screenshot

Finally, the long wait is over as Lee Je Hoon returns with the iconic anti-hero character Kim Do Gi in Taxi Driver 2.

The webtoon-based series focuses on the mission of the Rainbow Taxi team headed by the chairman, Jang Sung Chul played by Kim Eui Sung.

Joining the group is Pyo Ye Jin as the tech wizard Ahn Ho Eun while mechanics Choi Kyung Goo and Park Jin Eon are played by Jang Hyuk Jin and Bae Yoo Ram.

Interestingly, the Taxi Driver 2 cast also includes new member On Ha Joon, portrayed by Shin Jae Ha.

Taxi Driver 2 Kicks Off With Double Digit Rating

In a report cited by Soompi, Neilsen Korea recorded an impressive viewership for the show’s pilot episode.

Taxi Driver 2 episode 1 garnered an average nationwide rating of 12.1 percent.

With this, the action crime K-drama became the night’s most-watched Friday-Saturday series.

To recall, the first season wrapped up with an impressive viewership during the finale and became one of SBS’ most-watched K-dramas in 2021.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 1 Recap

The pilot episode continues with Chairman Jang is working alongside Kim Do Gi at the Rainbow Taxi headquarters.

While the rest of the team have moved on with a different careers, Jang Sung Chul and Kim Do Gi remain to do their mission – to save victims that the law wasn't able to protect.

In Taxi Driver 2 episode 1, it featured Chairman Jang doing things alone, from being the mechanic, spreading their organization’s number and even online activities that Ahn Go Eun, Park Jin Eon, and Choi Kyung Goo used to do.

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Moreover, the chairman refuses to meet the trio because he believes that they are in a better place now.

Little did he know that they missed working with the team and saving victims.

The two mechanics worked as a consultant in an automotive company while Ahn Go Eun is now a police officer under the information department.

In Taxi Driver 2 episode 1, it featured Kim Do Gi helping an elderly whose son got scammed by a notorious fraud group.

In hopes of helping his father, who owned a small chicken restaurant, he wanted to work abroad as an I.T. expert.

However, he kept it a secret from his father and said that he is enrolling as an exchange student.

Unfortunately, it was all a lie, and found out that he is working with a group of a fraudster who are making illegal games online.

With this, Kim Do Gi flew to Vietnam to save the high school student and pretended to be one of them.

However, things will not be easy for Kim Do Gi because he is working alone with Chairman Jang in Korea.

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