Tatiana Maslany Says She's Happy to Have Missed Out on Major Venom Role

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Tatiana Maslany is ready for her huge Hollywood break and what better way to introduce herself to a wider audience than by starring in a Marvel Cinematic Universe project? Now, this new bit of information may come as a huge surprise for a lot of folks but apparently, the actress was hoping to get cast in a Marvel role long before she was offered to do She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Speaking on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast with Scott Aukerman, Maslany revealed that she auditioned to be Eddie Brock's girlfriend in 2018's Venom but ended up getting rejected. In fact, Maslany claims that she has been turned down "multiple times".

The Jennifer Walters actress shared: "I’ve been trying to get them. They’ve rejected me multiple times." When asked if there are other Marvel roles she auditioned for, the MCU newcomer said that she was only eyeing the Venom role but in the end, she's glad things didn't work out and as fate would have it, she is now part of the Marvel family.

She continued: "That one. There was something else too that did not work out for me. I’m quite happy with this one."

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Thankfully, Maslany didn't give up her hopes to join the Marvel franchise and now, she gets to headline her own show. While I mean no offense to the creators of Venom, there's no denying that She-Hulk is the heftier role between the two. And with the series generating positive reactions before its release, it looks like Tatiana is on her way to achieving superstardom.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is set to premiere on Disney+ tomorrow, August

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