Taron Egerton Looks Badass as Wolverine in Awesome X-Men Art

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We're still being kept in the dark with regards to Marvel Studios' actual plans for the arrival of the mutants but that hasn't stopped fans from looking for clues in various MCU films and shows. This week, the studio seemingly set up the arrival of arguably the most popular mutant, Wolverine, and naturally, it has reignited the fans' collective desire to see a beloved actor take on the role.

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Credit: Marvel

Taron Egerton continues to be the favorite amongst fans to play Wolverine in the billion-dollar franchise but despite the MCU community's evident interest in seeing him join the anticipated X-Men reboot, the 32-year-old Welsh star has constantly denied reports linking him to the project.

He did confirm that he was once eyed to play Cyclops in Fox's X-Verse but ultimately turned down the offer, simply because he didn't want to wear Scott Summers' iconic visors. He also revealed that there were in fact talks with Marvel Studios but nothing concrete has been discussed.

Going back to Logan, Instagram artist @clements.ink recently unveiled a marvelous artwork depicting the Rocketman star as the claw-slashing mutant and it continuously proves that Egerton should be the rightful successor to Jackman. It's already a no-brainer at this point. Check it out here:

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Meanwhile, Marvel dropped its first ever Wolverine tease during Episode 2 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law but as exciting as that was, it's obviously not a clear indication that we'll see Logan in the MCU anytime soon. With Phases 4, 5, and 6 already set in stone, the most logical move for Kevin Feige and company is to begin incorporating the mutants in Phase 7 which is at least four years away.

Marvel Studios' X-Men reboot is currently in development.