6 Tallest Characters in Oblivion Battery Ranked, from Yamada to Kiyomine

tallest oblivion battery characters kiyomine haruka
Credit: EM/​S,​K,​M

tallest oblivion battery characters kiyomine haruka
Credit: EM/​S,​K,​M

The tallest characters in Oblivion Battery use their height to their advantage to play baseball. Whether their role is pitcher or catcher, these characters stand on the field to win every single game.

From Kei Kaname, who is renowned as one half of the brilliant battery duo with Kiyomine Haruka, to the shortstop baseball player, Aoi Todo, Oblivion Battery’s characters have the potential to become pro players with their heights alone.

  1. Taro Yamada

    Taro Yamada stands at 167 cm tall, which is about average for first-year male high school students.

    He was born on March 3 and formerly played catcher for his old baseball team. Taro currently plays first base for Kotesashi High School.

    Taro Yamada, unlike the other characters on our list, does not have a special talent for baseball, but he is dedicated and committed to helping his teammates, particularly Kaname Kei, who is struggling to play baseball again.

  2. Shunpei Chihaya

    Shunpei Chihaya stands at 167 cm tall, similar to Taro Yamada. He was born on September 28, and despite his smaller height, he sticks out from the other characters with his short red hair, red glasses, and stunning red eyes.

    Shunpei was initially hesitant to play baseball again after Kaname and Kiyomine wrecked his childhood ambitions in middle school. He even locked his favorite gloves in a metal box to keep himself from picking them up again.

    He currently plays second base for Kotesashi. He often mocks Kaname, making snarky remarks about his dumb jokes, which reminds us of Tsukishima Kei from Haikyuu.

  3. Kaname Kei

    Kaname Kei stands at 172 cm tall and was formerly a terrific catcher who had little respect for anyone else's career save Kiyomine, his childhood friend.

    He was born on April 15, and his voice actor is none other than the incredibly talented Mamoru Miyano, who was able to bring his enormous personality to life.

    After losing his memories, Kaname's entire personality changed. He changed from being a serious and cool baseball player to an airhead who couldn't read the room.

    He also relies on cracking stupid jokes to leave an impact. Worse, Kaname finds it difficult to play baseball because he hates wearing the uniforms and gear since he thinks they would make him less popular with girls!

  4. Aoi Todo

    Aoi Todo of Oblivion Battery (not to be confused with Jujutsu Kaisen’s Aoi Todo) has a height of 181 cm. He was born on August 31 and stands out from the rest of the characters due to his beautiful, long blonde hair.

    Similar to Chihaya, Aoi once stopped playing baseball after losing to the genius battery duo.

    While Chihaya locked his gloves in a metal box, Aoi locked his in a couple of boxes until he decided to take them out again.

    Aoi plays shortstop for their team and has huge confidence in his abilities. He often picks on Kaname because of his corny and dirty jokes, which make him feel embarrassed as well.

  5. Eiichiro Kokuto

    Despite appearing to be the tallest character in Oblivion Battery, Eiichiro Kokuto stands at 184 cm, making him slightly taller than Aoi Todo, who seems capable of playing center in basketball.

    Eiichiro Kokuto was born on May 23, and he is now a first-year baseball player at Teitoku, a prominent powerhouse school filled with athletic facilities. He greatly admires the genius battery duo, but he hopes to defeat them one day.

    When Eiichiro saw the battery duo again, he couldn't believe how far Kaname had fallen. He didn't even laugh at Kaname's ridiculous remarks, showing his admiration for the sport he loves the most.

  6. Kiyomine Haruka

    Kiyomine Haruka is possibly the most well-known Oblivion Battery character due to his attractive appearance, exceptional baseball talent, and height.

    He stands at 185 cm tall, a bit taller than Eiichiro Kokuto, whom he now considers a potential rival.

    He was born on December 10 and currently plays as a pitcher at Kotesashi High School, where there are no formal coaches or counselors and no good members to play with until Chihaya and Aoi join the team.

    Despite his desire to play professionally, Kiyomine refuses to continue playing baseball without Kaname by his side, believing that his childhood friend is the only one capable of catching his throws.

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