Takt Op. Destiny Episode 10 RELEASE DATE and TIME, COUNTDOWN, Where to Watch

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Takt, Anna, and Destiny finally make it to New York City. Takt and Destiny are finally examined in one of the Symphonica's labs, courtesy of Anna's sister, Lotte. However, the results aren't what they hoped to be.

Warning: Episode 9 spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk!

Takt Op. Destiny Episode 9 Recap

Anna, Destiny, and Takt in takt op. Destiny Episode 9.
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Credit: MAPPA/Madhouse

Compared to the other cities, New York looks more or less untouched by the D2s since the Symphonica Headquarters is there. Anna is finally reunited with her parents and older sister, Lotte, who works at the Symphonica Headquarters. She immediately starts researching Takt and Destiny in the hopes that something can be done regarding Takt and Destiny's irregularities.

Unfortunately, it looks like nothing can be done with Takt and Destiny's current situation. Lotte says that their current technology will not be able to solve it. Even though Destiny wants to stop taking Takt's life force away from him, it is also what sustains her in the first place. She wouldn't have reincarnated as a Musicart in the beginning if she didn't consume Takt's life force. As for Takt, his body parts are slowly deteriorating because of this. Lotte says the two of them don't have much left to live if they continue fighting — although both are alive right now because they interfered with each other and are now connected in that sense. She tells Takt and Destiny that they will live longer lives if they stop fighting the D2s.

Anna, Takt, Lotte, and Destiny go around a tour of the city. A scheming Anna eventually leaves Takt and Destiny alone to spend the rest of the day together. They discuss how music remains alive, in the sense that people are still eagerly waiting for its comeback. They also talk about what they want to do with their lives once this is all over. On their way home, Destiny hears the faint sound of the tuning fork used to attract D2s again. They go home right after.

Lenny calls Takt and tells him that they all need to leave New York immediately. Lenny's words made it sound like he was saying goodbye for good, which concerns Takt. Takt tells him he no longer wants to be part of the audience and wants to know the whole truth. Lenny prepares to tell him the real story behind the Symphonica and the tragedy that killed his father years ago.

Takt Op. Destiny Episode 10 Release Date

Destiny, Takt, Anna, and Lotte in the Symphonica Headquarters.
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Credit: MAPPA/Madhouse

Episode 10 of takt op. Destiny will be out on Tuesday, December 7, 2021.

Takt Op. Destiny Episode 10 Release Time

Lotte conducting research on Destiny.
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Credit: MAPPA/Madhouse

Episode 10 of takt op. Destiny will be out in Japan at 12 AM JST. Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series, and they will release the episode according to this schedule:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM PT
  • Central Time: 11 AM CT
  • Eastern Time: 12 NN ET
  • British Time: 5 PM GMT

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Where to Watch Takt Op. Destiny Episode 10

Lotte, Destiny, and Anna in takt op. Destiny Episode 9.
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Credit: MAPPA/Madhouse

takt op. Destiny is on VRV and Crunchyroll.

Takt Op. Destiny Episode 10 Countdown

takt op. Destiny Episode 10


What will be revealed regarding the Symphonica and Takt's father? Stay tuned for the next episode of takt op. Destiny!