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Taeyeon Talks About Choosing The Best Title Track For Her New Album

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Taeyeon had recently released her 3rd full album, INVU, on February 14 at 6:00 PM KST. The new record consists of 13 tracks, all telling a story of love in various ways.

In particular, the full album is spearheaded by the title track “INVU.” The track is a house-based pop dance tune with a gentle and dreamy synth sound and addictive flute melody in the chorus.

The smooth opening instantly shows Taeyeon's skilled vocals and vivid high notes, heightening the narrative's drama.

The opening tune on the album, in particular, conveys the impression of witnessing someone who is vastly different from oneself. The lyrics also express the sentiments of a person who is always hurt when loving someone and chooses not to waste time loving them.

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Taeyeon shares how she chose the title track for the full album INVU

The Girls’ Generation leader and main vocalist always return with a bang, and it shows in all of her solo releases.

Specifically, as Key had mentioned in Amazing Saturday Episode 199, Taeyeon’s songs always rank on top of music charts.

The wonderful songstress revealed how the title track “INVU” was chosen to lead the album with this latest release.

“Actually, “INVU” was not one of the candidates for the title song. It was just a song that will be included in the album, but as soon as I heard it, I fell in love with something specific about it” she said.

Other staff members were against the song becoming the title track, and some did not like it. However, she felt that it was the perfect song for the album and actively voiced her opinion.

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Taeyeon always challenges herself as a singer

As an idol group member turned solo artist, there is always pressure to do better. With Taeyeon, she admitted that she felt stressed because of the heavy expectations put against her.

However, she says she always worked hard to provide good songs for the public and that she is always serious in her art. “Like my song “I,” a lot of my songs have a personal story, but this album focuses more on the theme and various definitions of love.”

Taeyeon has always tried new things, from singing unfamiliar genres to discovering new colors of her voice. Like her previous releases, she is brave to try various things this time without being complacent, which makes her even more amazing as an artist.

“I feel a great sense of accomplishment whenever I finish recording each track. I think what made the album complete is that I continued to record revisions until I was fully satisfied,” she said.

Taeyeon points out the main choreography of the new title song

The music video for “INVU” shows some scenes of Taeyeon dancing to the song's choreography. The elegant movements make it even more anticipatory now that she will start her album promotions and participate in music shows.

Taeyeon made sure that fans would pay attention to the movement symbolizing the song's title, “INVU,” in the performance. Specifically, a part in the chorus sees Taeyeon making the hand gestures for the letters I, N, V, and U.

When asked about the most important part of the music video, Taeyeon says she put much effort into her delicate and emotional acting. She imagined that she was a character inside a musical, so it’s a must to see her on-point facial expressions.

Taeyeon has also highlighted the mysterious props in the music video, which helped create a metallic and cosmic atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon has released her 3rd full album, INVU, on February 14. Immediately after its release, the album dominated global music charts and had received a platinum record from China’s QQ Music.

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