Sword and Shield Introduces New Items That Will Make Training Competitive Pokemon Easier

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Pokemon Sword and Shield promised to make things easier for those that want to groom their Pokemon for competitive play. Now, thanks to a new trailer, we now know how Game Freak is going to make competitive training easier and it's going to make fans very happy (unless you're a gatekeeping douche who thinks everything must be done the hard way). It turns out that there are some new items that will make raising your Pokemon a bit easier.

This new Sword and Shield trailer will show off new items like mints, supplements, and even candy. Mints actually change your Pokemon's nature, which is a huge deal for those that competitively play these games. Supplements can also increase certain stats for your Pokemon, which is great for those that want to obliterate their opponents with whatever elemental attack they want.


Candies can be used to raise experience points, though they aren't automatic level-ups like Rare Candies, which are still in the game. This seems like a response to the candy items in Pokemon GO, which is fine since the developers can improve on things that appeared in the other games.

Fans are probably going to like this since they won't have to constantly restart their game just so they can get a Pokemon with the right nature. This is a genuinely great move from the developers at Game Freak and one that should be continued in future Pokemon games.

Pokemon Sword and Shield come out on November 15 for the Nintendo Switch.

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