Swamp Thing Confirms DC Comic Book Plot Twist

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The latest episode of Swamp Thing may have been shocking for viewers but the plot twist isn't much of a surprise for comic book readers. After all, it's one of the most interesting things that has been revealed about the monster.

In the episode The Anatomy Lesson, Swamp Thing was taken to the secret Conclave facility where Jason Woodrue decides to dissect him alive. Amazingly, Woodrue removes Swamp Thing's lungs and heart but the monster can survive without them. This leads to Woodrue concluding that Swamp Thing was never human in the first place.

But was Woodrue just wrong about it? Swamp Thing himself confirms everything when he returns to the swamp and brings Abby Arcane the remains of Alec Holland.


It's a shocking moment for Abby and the audience who believed that the swamp had turned Alec's body into the monster. However, the plot twist was simply taken from the comic book issue Saga of the Swamp Thing #21 where Woodrue discovers the monster has plant-based organs that resemble that of humans. This means that Swamp Thing is a separate entity that actually absorbed Alec's memories and intelligence instead of changing the man's body.

The revelation certainly has people wondering if the show had bigger plans for Woodrue in future episodes. Unfortunately, those ideas will never come to light now that Swamp Thing has been cancelled.

The final episode of Swamp Thing will air on DC Universe on August 2.

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