SVCC 2016: Stan Lee Reveals His Least Favorite Marvel Cameo

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At Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 on Sunday, the legendary Stan Lee answered questions from the audience, and when asked about his least favorite Marvel movie cameo, he said that his least favorite cameo was in 2002's Spider-Man in which Lee saves a young girl from falling debris caused by the Green Goblin's attack on the Oscorp board members at the World Unity Fair.

"My least favorite cameo was like the second one I ever did. It was a Spider-Man movie," Lee said at the panel "Everybody is looking up going 'ooh,' and I'm one of the guys looking up going 'ooh' ...for one-second. And I resented that because it didn't give me a chance to show the full power of all my acting... I had a long talk with the director after that. He apologized, of course. I think in the next one [Spider-Man 2 (2004)] I was looking at another accident and they gave me another second to go 'ooh' like that."

"Seriously, I don't have any non-favorite cameos," he said. "It's just such fun to be there."

So what do you think is Stan Lee's worst Marvel cameo?

Source: Comicbook