Survivor Season 42 Spoilers, Release Date & Update: Fans Seem To Believe They Know Who Wins

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Credit: ET Canada/YouTube

The time has arrived for fans to determine who will win Survivor Season 42, but spoilers suggest they may already know who the Sole Survivor is. Many people assume that some unknown person has the whole boot list for the new game, and that this person is correct.

Maryanne is expected to win Survivor Season 42

A Reddit thread disclosed another person's insider knowledge of spoilers two weeks after the premiere of Survivor Season 42. It recorded every castaway's position and even revealed how some players exited the game. So far, the list has shown to be accurate.

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“This is quite literally the most detailed boot list I’ve ever seen,” a fan commented. “Even down to Jenny leaving in a 2-2 vote, Marya shot in the dark, Zach failing the puzzle, and Jackson leaving for medication issues. Wow. This is insane.”

According to Survivor Season 42 spoilers, Maryanne Oketch wins the game with a 7-1-0 vote. And, given that Maryanne is a fan favorite, many are relieved that she has a chance to win.

Survivor Season 41 spoilers proved to be incorrect

Unfortunately, only time will tell whether or not the spoilers regarding Maryanne winning Survivor Season 42 are true. If she isn't the sole survivor, it won't be the first time fans have been incorrect about the Survivor victor.

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In Season 41, someone claimed to have the leaked boot list and predicted Tiffany Seely's victory. They also got a lot of game facts straight, so a lot of people believed what they said was true. Fans were startled, to say the least, when Tiffany was voted out as the eighth person.

As a result, following the conclusion of last season, some are sceptical of Maryanne's triumph.

Survivor Season 42 finale release date

The Survivor Season 42 finale airs on May 25, and if Maryanne is still in the game by then, the spoilers may be accurate.

There are 13 remaining castaways in the game, and any of them could win. However, according to Survivor Season 42 spoilers, none of them can compete with Maryanne.

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Survivor Season 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.


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