Surfing And Flying Pikachu Return To Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

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What's better than a normal Pikachu? The ones that can surf or fly apparently. Old-school fans will remember Surfing and Flying versions of Pikachu from the older games, both of which could only be obtained through Pokemon Stadium and old special events. Fans will be happy to know that Surfing Pikachu and Flying Pikachu will be obtainable on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, thankfully through much easier means.

Gamers with early copies of the game (via Comic Book) have learned that these special variants of Pikachu will be prizes in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, so fans hoping they can just catch them in the wild are out of luck. Players will be able to get them through the Mantine Surfing mini-game, one of the newer features in these Ultra versions.


In order to get Surfing Pikachu, players will need to get the high score in all four Mantine Surfing Spots. As for Flying Pikachu, they will have to beat the high score of the owner/manager of the Mantine Surfing Spots. Once this is done, players will get both variants of the Pokemon mascot in addition to the basic ones that can be caught in the wild.

Once again, this shows that Game Freak and Nintendo are going all out for the final 3DS installments of Pokemon. We already know that every legendary out right now will be attainable with both games. Players can also battle every major villain from the past games, who have formed Team Rainbow Rocket together. It's a lot of content and players will definitely get their money's worth with these games.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out next week, on November 17.

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