Supernatural Spin-Offs Not Happening Without Jared Padalecki And Jensen Ackles

The final season of Supernatural will air later this year and there is little doubt that fans are still hoping that they haven't seen the last of Sam and Dean Winchester. Unfortunately, the chances of getting a spin-off series have now been brought down to zero. The CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that the network is not interested in producing more spin-offs without Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles' involvement.

Pedowitz recently addressed several questions about the network's shows at the 2019 TCA Summer Press Tour (via Cinemablend). When asked whether there's another Supernatural spin-off series in the works, Pedowitz quickly deflected the idea.

"I've been involved in two spinoffs that did not connect. We've had no further discussions whatsoever in terms of a Supernatural spinoff. I tend to believe that, at this point, the show's essence is Jared and Jensen," he said.

That's not exactly a huge surprise considering that The CW had attempted two different Supernatural spinoffs that never got past the pilot stage. The first one Supernatural: Bloodlines was planned during the show's ninth season while Wayward Sisters was intended to air in 2018. Unfortunately, neither pilot was pursued by the network.

With Supernatural coming to an end, there's now a new opportunity for Padalecki and Ackles to work on other projects. However, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if the two still end up working with The CW in the future.

Supernatural Season 15 is the show's final season. It will air on The CW on October 10.

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