Superman & Lois Season 2 Gets Another Hiatus and This Time Due to COVID-19 on Set

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Of all the series on The CW, Superman & Lois Season 2 got the most breaks and it is not ever near the end of the run yet. In February, the show had to be on a three-week hiatus because of the Winter Olympics. This time, before Episode 10 airs, they will be on hold once more and would not be resuming until the end of April and the reason for delay now is due to COVID-19 on set.

Fans are disheartened to learn that Superman & Lois Season 2 will be on hiatus once more just after the announcement that the show has been renewed for Season 3. It will not be airing Episode 10 tomorrow, as scheduled, and the reason behind the break is one of the main reasons everything has been delayed for the past two years – COVID-19.

None other than Lois Lane of the show, Elizabeth Tulloch, confirmed the reason for the three-week delay of the series before Episode 10 comes back on air. Tulloch tweeted, “I fully understand people’s frustration with these breaks, but they are due to Covid-related production shutdowns. We are all doing our best to keep shooting during an ongoing pandemic and appreciate your grace and understanding.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, everything was put to a halt. The entertainment industry was hit hard having to push back release dates, adjust to the health restrictions when shooting, and while it is slowly coming back to its prime, some titles remain affected as the threat of COVID still looms everywhere especially with the rise of the different variants of the virus.

Productions continue to shut down, like what Superman & Lois Season 2 is facing right now, when the people behind the show contracts the virus because from what everyone has learned living through the pandemic, it only takes one to infect a lot of people. Due to safety and health concerns, it is understandable why productions have to close for a while, help the afflicted recover while keeping those who aren’t, safe.

It's a cruel time, indeed, and in hard times, understanding is the least we could offer for these shows are doing their best to provide everyone with the content they are giving.

Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 10 returns on-air via The CW on April 26, 2022.

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