Superman and Lois Will Go on a Hiatus

The Superman & Lois series is a welcome treat with many fans of the DC and CW shows. The good news is that the show offers a unique outlook on one of the most famous couples in comic book history. It has gained some good reviews and is also popular based on the high ratings of the series. However, there is some bad news that fans may not be too happy to hear.

Thanks to the show's rapid popularity, the CW picked up the series for a second season. In fact, it is the fastest second season renewal in the entire history of the CW network. Fans also praised the visual effects of the series due as it has a very high quality.

The bad news is that despite the higher-ups deciding to quickly renew the series, the show will be on a hiatus. Getting a series off the ground is already difficult as it is. If you add the complications brought by the pandemic, it makes it even more complicated.

The production team for the series needed to pause production on the first season due to COVID-19. They are also facing post-production delays, which will lead to CW temporarily putting the series on hold. According to Deadline, the series will not be able to air new episodes after the fifth episode at the end of March

The fifth episode and the final one before the series go on a hiatus is titled, The Best of Smallville. It will air on March 25. After that, Superman & Lois will be on hiatus until May 18.

During Superman & Lois' hiatus, Supergirl will cover the Tuesday timeslot in the meantime.

Superman and Lois hiatus
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Credit: The CW Network

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