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Superman & Lois Star Teases Supergirl's Potential Appearance in the Series

Credit: The CW

Superman & Lois has shied away from the other Arroweverse shows with the confirmation during the second season that the series is set on a different Earth. However, it doesn't stop the possibility of other Arrowverse heroes from appearing in the show as proven by John Diggle's numerous appearances.

A lot of fans have been wondering whether Melissa Benoist's Supergirl will ever show up at some point in the series. After all, Kara Danvers and Clark Kent are cousins and we've seen them together numerous times in Supergirl and the Arrowverse crossover events. Fortunately, it looks like that might still happen as teased by one of the show's stars.

During their appearance at this year's Fan Expo Canada (via Brief Take), Elizabeth Tulloch, who plays Lois Lane, revealed that Benoist has previously expressed her interest to appear in the series. However, she's not yet sure if such plans are going to be feasible soon.

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Credit: The CW

"We have not heard that rumor about her coming on the show. She has expressed interest to me in doing it, and I know that we would love to work with her again and Grant [Gustin] and everyone else," Tulloch said. "I just don't know. Ever since we started the show, COVID has been a reality which is why we haven't done any of the crossovers or anything like that, so we just can't speak to whether or not that's feasible."

Considering that Supergirl has ended its run last year and Benoist is busy working on other projects, it is likely that Kara Danvers' potential appearance won't happen in the series anytime soon and we might have to wait longer for that to come into fruition (if it ever does).

If Kara Danvers eventually appears in the series, there is a chance that we will see a different version of her since the show is not set on Earth-Prime and it is likely that she will have a much different backstory than the previous show.

However, despite all that, it is great to hear that Benoist is open to making a guest appearance in the series at some point and it's just a matter of when. If it ends up happening, a lot of fans will certainly be delighted and look forward to the reunion between Benoist and Tyler Hoechlin.

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The third season of Superman & Lois is slated to premiere on The CW early next year. You can check more details about it here.

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