Superman & Lois to Recast Jonathan Kent Role After Original Actor Exits

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As Superman & Lois is prepping for production on its third season, one of its main cast members will not be returning as Deadline has reported that Jordan Elsass, who played Jonathan Kent, has exited the series. As a result, the role will be recast for the upcoming third season and beyond.

The decision was made by the producers after the actor failed to report back to work in Vancouver by the deadline that was set for the cast to reconvene ahead of the production start of the third season. The actor's exit comes around six weeks after the second season finale aired.

"Jordan Elsass has notified the studio that he will not be returning to Superman & Lois for season three due to personal reasons. The role of Jonathan Kent will be recast," Warner Bros. Television said in a statement regarding the actor's exit.

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There are no details yet regarding the reason behind the actor's exit, but the report stated that they heard from their sources that Elsass has been dealing with personal reasons, possibly related to mental health which is an issue that the producers have been aware of. The report also stressed that it is also not a workplace-related issue.

So far, there are no details yet regarding the new casting on the role of Jonathan Kent for the upcoming third season. We might be hearing news regarding it in the coming weeks as they're set to begin filming next month.

Elsass was one of the regular mainstays in the series during the first two seasons. In the second season, he also portrayed the Bizarro version of Jonathan Kent (aka Jon-El), who became one of the villains during the latter half of the season.

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The third season of Superman & Lois is slated to premiere in early 2023 on The CW.

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