13 May 2021 5:15 PM +00:00 UTC

Superman and Lois Actor Reveals That Clark Will Have A Terrifying Realization in Episode 6

Superman & Lois is back on air after its hiatus. The show's comeback is packed with intensity and more twists are coming. The upcoming episode will have a terrifying realization of the series' main character in next week's episode ‘Broken Trust.'

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Superman & Lois actor Tyler Hoechlin teased that Clark Kent will be having a terrifying realization in the show's sixth episode. This realization comes upon learning that one of his sons shares his abilities. Hoechlin had an interview with TV Insider where he discussed how Clark is affected when his son Jordan Kent got his powers.


The actor noted that it is exciting for Clark but it is also terrifying. Hoechlin stated that Clark seeing his child having something he has is a chance to connect with him. However, it is scary to bring back all the experiences Clark went through for feeling strange and different.

Aside from his son getting his powers, Clark also had to deal with the bad news on Lois's investigation of Morgan Edge. The actor revealed that one of his favorite moments in the episode is when Lois admitted the trouble she has been getting herself into.

Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 6 is titled Broken Trust but it was originally titled Smells Like Teen Spirit. The show's sixth episode will be airing in the slot that Supergirl took when the series went on a hiatus. The series went on a break due to the pandemic slowing down the production of the series.

Supergirl will air its final season on August 24, 2021, while Superman & Lois episode 6 will air on May 18, 2021.

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