02 Nov 2018 3:58 PM +00:00 UTC

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Reveals First DLC Character and Fans Don't Know How to Feel

After the dust settled from the 40-minute Nintendo Direct presentation for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, fans were given three new characters to talk about. The first two, Ken and Incineroar, were met with mostly positive reactions from fans since many had wanted to see Ryu's friend in the game for some time and Incineroar seems to play differently from most characters. The third character left fans surprised but maybe not in a good way.

When Piranha Plant from the Super Mario Bros. games was revealed as the first DLC character, fans exploded in many different ways. Considering how the supposed "leaks" teased fighters like Banjo-Kazooie and others, finding out that one of Mario's most basic enemies would be taking their spot was a hard pill to swallow. Others were also mortified to see Piranha Plant take Waluigi's place since a lot of people really like that character for some reason.

To be fair, judging from the gameplay video released it seems like Piranha Plant is going to be one of the more unique characters to use in the game. It will definitely be a popular joke fighter for years to come and many will probably remember this reveal as either a betrayal or the best way for Nintendo to respond to fake leaks.


Piranha Plant will also be free to those who purchase the game before January, so fans who want to expand their roster and are angry about paying for other fighters will be happy to know that this character won't cost them a cent. The other five DLC fighters will be but hey, small wins.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes to the Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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