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Super Pumped Season 2: What To Expect on the Upcoming Chapter About Facebook

Credit: Yahoo Finance/YouTube

Super Pumped Season 2 will focus on Facebook's growth from a startup to the behemoth it is now, according to Showtime.

Season 1 of the new series premiered on Showtime and is based on Mike Isaac's book Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber. While the first season focused on Travis Kalanick's business career and his attempt to put Uber on the map, the second season will be inspired by Isaac's new book on Facebook.

Super Pumped Season 2 Will Tackle Facebook

Another tech startup revolutionized the way we communicate before Uber. Facebook has already been the subject of critically lauded drama, such as the 2010 film The Social Network.

However, Super Pumped Season 2 will devote an entire season to that drama. Maybe it'll pick up where The Social Network left off.

Variety reported from the Investor Day:

“The second season will be based on Isaac’s upcoming book about Facebook and its transition from startup to social media powerhouse. It will focus on the relationship at the center of that metamorphosis, between Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg, and the world-changing forces unleashed, intentionally and unintentionally, as a result.”

Sandberg assumed the role of Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer in 2008, where she remains today.

Super Pumped Season 2 to Have Different Name

The series will always be known as Super Pumped. They can, however, vary the subject each season. Koppelman hasn't revealed the title of Super Pumped Season 2, although it's likely to include Facebook.

That was the plan when David Levien and Beth Schacter presented the show to Koppelman. They realized that Season 2 of Super Pumped could tell a different story:

“When we first pitched this idea to Showtime, we said, ‘We want to do an anthology series.’ Super Pumped is the first season. We’ll probably just change the sentence after Super Pumped in each subsequent second season.”

The first season of the show looks at Uber's infamous "boy's club" work culture under former CEO Travis Kalanick, who was eventually fired.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays Kalanick, while Kyle Chandler plays Kalanick’s mentor, venture capitalist Bill Gurley. Uma Thurman, Elisabeth Shue, Kerry Bishé, Jon Bass, Bridget Gao Hollitt and Babak Tafti are also members of the cast.

The first season of Super Pumped premiered on Showtime on Feb. 27.

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