The Super Mario Bros. Movie Directors Confirm Princess Peach’s Different Role

We're now getting closer to the release of the upcoming animated film The Super Mario Bros. Movie which will finally deliver the long-awaited cinematic adaptation of the Mario video games that is closer to the source material than the ill-fated '90s live-action film that starred Bob Hoskins.

However, as expected in any film adaptation, there will be some changes that will be made in this new film. As some fans have already observed, it looks like Princess Peach won't be a damsel-in-distress character and she will be part of the action unlike in some of the games.

In an interview with Total Film (via The Direct), The Super Mario Bros. Movie directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic confirmed that Peach is indeed not going to be the character that needs to be rescued in the film and Luigi will be taking that position instead.

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"It’s Mario’s goal to save his brother from Bowser’s clutches. He has to go on this epic adventure to do that. So Luigi, who’s a famously nervous, anxious character, finds himself in the worst possible predicament: having to survive interrogations with Bowser, and make it through that gauntlet," they said.

Explaining Peach's role in the film, Horvath discussed, "She’s the monarch who leads this kingdom of hapless, adorable Toads. We were thinking how strong that person would need to be to protect those people. All that informed the idea for Peach’s character in our movie."

There is no doubt that this film will have a modern approach to the classic Mario tale since it will reshape the mythology of the characters and Peach's different role here is an adjustment for the contemporary audience. It would be interesting to see whether it will work and still feel like the familiar Mario story that we know in the games.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to release in theaters this April 5. You can check more details about it here.

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