Super Mario Bros. Animated Film From Minions Studio Reportedly In The Works

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After more than two decades, Nintendo is finally going to try and make another Super Mario Bros. movie. According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has made a deal with Illumination Entertainment, the studio responsible for Minions, Secret Life of Pets, and Sing, to bring the Italian Plumber to the big screen via CG animation. Both companies have been in negotiations for over a year, so it looks like all of that has finally paid off.

The Super Mario Bros. movie doesn't have an official title yet and is only in early development, so not much is known about it yet. Luigi was also mentioned in the report, so it looks like we can expect to see both brothers in the film when it comes out. Expect other favorites like Bowser and Princess Peach to be in the movie since Nintendo has been very protective of their properties.

It's easy to see why Nintendo hasn't made a film in a while; most movies based on video games are terrible. Mario had an awful one back in 1993 simply called Super Mario Bros., which no one remembers fondly. Aside from being live-action, a dumb enough move, the film didn't look like the games at all, featuring a weird futuristic city and dinosaur people over the beautiful Mushroom Kingdom.

No release date for the new film has been revealed, so fans are in for a long wait. Still, it's something fans never expected to see, and now that it'll be animated we can all hope for a solid little movie starring Mario and his friends.

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