Suicide Squad Director Expressed Frustrations for His Movie Along with a New Photo of Jared Leto's Joker

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It's been three years since the movie Suicide Squad made its debut. David Ayer, writer and director of the film, reflects about the final cut and expressed his thoughts on how the 2016 movie was received by the fans of the DC Universe.

In a recent Instagram post, Ayer shared a new image of what seems to be a deleted scene of Jared Leto's Joker pointing a gun to Harley Quinn. Along with the photo is a caption of Ayer's sentiments about the movie.

He started off by saying "Movies are fragile." He then went on to compare movies to that of dreams, which are "haunting moments that run from your vision." Ayer also opened up the topic of "changing destinations." He says the "spine" of Suicide Squad is Harley Quinn, so the movie is basically about her. Joker was just part of Harley Quinn's story because the film showed some parts of her escaping the relationship she had with Joker.


One of the most intriguing parts of his caption was when he says that the director is the one holding an "invisible compass." He claims directors are the ones who guide "every shot, every performance." And everything a director does leads to a destination. However, the last sentence of his caption poses a question, "If the destination changes, did the journey even happen?"

The last part of his caption could pertain to his frustrations about the big difference of the final cut of the film was compared to how he originally planned it. As a lot of people may know, Ayer's take on Suicide Squad was not received well by most fans which could have added more to his disappointment.

With that said, Suicide Squad actually did well in the box office when it was initially released, grossing over $745.6 million. However, what came with it is a lot of criticism and from both fans and critics.

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