Succession Season 4 News & Updates: The Weight of Succession Takes a Toll on Rava and Kendall

Credit: HBO/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HBO/YouTube Screenshot

Succession Season 4 has been a rollercoaster of emotions for Rava Roy and Kendall Roy, both individually and as parents. However, the recent episodes have brought an overwhelming weight upon their shoulders.

In Season 1, viewers witnessed the downfall of their marriage, and as the show progressed, we saw them attempt to reconcile for the sake of their children and navigate the complexities of a divorced but still functional family unit. Yet, the controversial election of Jeryd Mencken threw a wrench into the progress Rava and Kendall had painstakingly made.

In Succession Season 4 Episode 9, aptly titled Church and State, Rava's decision to leave the city with their children and abstain from attending Logan Roy's funeral was finally explained.

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Rava's Fearful Stand: A Final Breaking Point

In an insightful conversation with Variety, Natalie Gold, the talented actress portraying Rava, delved into her character's relationship with Kendall and shed light on why she opted out of attending a funeral that held immense significance for him.

Gold expressed her initial shock upon reading the script, remarking, "I just thought, 'Wow, that's bold.'" However, she also emphasized that Rava's decision was a testament to her newfound resolve.

Rava appeared to have reached her breaking point, refusing to be mere collateral damage in the Roy family's toxic power struggles. This time, she prioritized the safety of her children, Sophie and Iverson, portrayed by Swayam Bhatia and Quentin Morales, respectively.

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Kendall's Constant Struggle for Acceptance

What makes Rava and Kendall's relationship even more complex is that Rava has always harbored a sense of pity for him, making it challenging for her to sever ties completely. Despite all the hardships they've endured, she has allowed him back into her life repeatedly.

However, it appears that Kendall may have pushed the boundaries too far this time, testing the limits of Rava's resilience.

As the highly anticipated Succession series finale approaches, airing on May 28 at 9 PM ET, viewers are left pondering the fate of Rava and Kendall's tumultuous relationship. Will they find a way to reconcile, or is this truly the end of the road for them?

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