Studio 666: Bet You Didn't Expect a Foo Fighters Horror Movie, Did You?

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Credit: Foo Fighters/YouTube

Dave Grohl says the idea of an outlandish Foo Fighters horror movie came about when a friend of his went on this meeting with a “huge movie studio.” Although the former Nirvana drummer did think of it as the “stupidest f*ing thing” he’s ever heard, the idea laid eggs on his brains until he cave in.

The result is Studio 666, an uncalled-for but will likely go down in history books horror-comedy starring the group alongside Will Forte, Whitney Cummings, Jeff Garlin, and Jenna Ortega.

'Oh, my God, we made a movie'

The Foo Fighters kept the film, directed by BJ McDonnell, a secret for more than two and a half years, going on to film at an Encino mansion after finishing the recording of their latest album Medicine at Midnight, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

“We’re not going for There Will Be Blood,” Grohl told the publication.

What they made is essentially a weird combination of classic horror movies, but with more sex and masturbation jokes, an enraged Lionel Richie, and Grohl slaughtering his bandmates one by one, sometimes with their own instruments.

Asked how he felt about Studio 666, Grohl said:

“I remember when Pat Smear first saw the movie, he said, ‘Oh, my God, we made a movie.’ I’m like, “What the f*ck do you think we were doing for the last four months?”

That 'Surreal' Lionel Richie Cameo in Studio 666

Grohl didn't need agents to secure Lionel Richie's participation in his Studio 666 film. The Foo Fighters founder merely said "Hello" and that was it.

"When I read 'Lionel Richie' in the finished script, I thought, 'Amazing. I'll just text him,' "Grohl told Today. "So I texted him like, 'Yo, we're making a horror film. Wanna be in it? And he texted back, 'Absolutely!' That was it."

"After his first take, (Richie) goes, 'You want me to turn it up a bit?'' I was like, 'Yeah!' " Grohl said. "And he ramped it up, man. It was so hard to keep a straight face with Lionel Richie screaming at me. That was a surreal moment."

There will be plenty more of those when Studio 666 premieres in theaters nationwide today, Feb. 25.


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