Streamers Adin Ross, Hasan Piker Set to Interview Kanye "Ye" West

When Is This Interview Happening? 4
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When Is This Interview Happening? 4
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Hot off the heels of his internet-breaking Alex Jones interview, Kanye “Ye” West has plans to do an interview with Twitch streamers Adin Ross and Hasan Piker. But how exactly did we get to a place where internet content creators are sitting down with Ye and his posse of radical right-wingers? Read on to learn everything you’ll need to know about Adin Ross & Hasan Piker’s plans to interview Ye.

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When Is This Interview Happening?

When Is This Interview Happening?
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Unfortunately, there isn’t an official date and time just yet. According to comments from those involved with the upcoming interview, like Adin Ross, Hasan, and Ye’s collaborator Nick Fuentes, this interview is set to happen the week of December 5th, but that might change.

It’s also unclear, right now, who exactly will be part of the interview and where it’ll be streamed. Originally, this was set to happen between Ye and Adin Ross; though, Nick Fuentes appears to be deeply involved going so far as to speak to Adin about the interview on stream. Then, Hasan Piker spoke with Adin, after which the plan became to include Hasan.

Hasan, however, doesn’t want to stream with Nick Fuentes for a number of reasons, the first of which comes down to Fuentes being banned on Twitch, Hasan’s primary platform. So, all told, some combination of Ye, Adin, Hasan, and Nick are going to be involved with the interview, but how that exactly shakes out isn’t super clear just yet.

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How And Why Is This Interview Happening?

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Nick Fuentes has been making national news thanks to his association with Ye, and many are calling him a white supremacist, a Christian nationalist, or some flavor of right-wing extremist. While Fuentes certainly has a list of radical views and takes, he’s rarely identified as a streamer.

However, Fuentes has been a political streamer for years and years now, debating folks across the political spectrum, including popular left-wing figures on the internet like Hasan. So, in all likelihood, Ye’s connection to Twitch streaming comes down to Fuentes. Though, Sneako, another popular content creator and streamer, is also working with Ye and Fuentes, so he may have very well helped facilitate this interview, too.

Why Adin Ross, though? Well, Adin is one of the biggest streamers around right now, and he’s already set a precedent for having rappers and celebrities on stream. Perhaps more importantly, though, he’s also got a Jewish background when Ye has been making headlines for his antisemitic comments, especially those from the recent Alex Jones interview with Ye.

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Fuentes, on stream with Sneako, talked about Ye wanting to do interviews with more pushback where he’s talking with the other side, so in all probability, Adin Ross was chosen as one of those interviews: a mainstream figure on the internet with a large audience of young people who also happens to be Jewish.

According to Hasan, he became involved after speaking with Adin. The idea was that Adin isn’t a particularly political streamer, so he may not be well-equipped to talk about a lot of the complicated issues that Ye might bring up. Accordingly, including Hasan on the stream would give Adin some much-needed support.

Of course, Ye’s latest slew of interviews is likely tied to his 2024 plans. Ye hasn’t formally announced that he’s running for president, but as of now, it’s largely an open secret. The question has become whether or not Ye will actually run for office or if he plans to push for some kind of movement outside of government.

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What To Expect

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First off, the biggest expectation here is that the interview won’t happen. Considering how controversial Ye is, to say nothing of Nick Fuentes, for a streamer live on a major public platform like Twitch or YouTube, there’s the very real fear of getting banned. Outside of that, Ye recently walked out a Tim Pool interview live.

During the Tim Pool show, Tim started to give what could be described as a very light pushback on what Ye had been saying about Jewish people, and right there and then, Ye walked out. Considering how right-wing Tim Pool is and how left-wing a figure like Hasan is, one might expect that Ye would leave an interview with Hasan almost immediately.

Though, of course, if Ye is serious about meeting with people that don’t agree with him, he can’t well walk off a set. And, of course, Ye has had more contentious interviews before, like his interview with Lex Fridman or his interview with Chris Cuomo. So, the above isn’t to say this is a nothing burger that definitely won’t happen. That’s unclear, and it is planned.

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More likely is the belief that we’re going to get another rather crazy interview. Considering Ye was talking about how good Nazis were, how much he loved Hitler, and how the Holocaust didn’t really happen with Alex Jones, the sky’s essentially the limit. Since that interview, Ye has been suspended from Twitter, too, so that may give him even more ammunition to wild out.

In recent days, Milo Yiannopoulos, another right-wing radical figure, has been cut out of Ye’s inner circle, ostensibly leaving a power vacuum behind for folks like Nick Fuentes to fill out. If that is the case, an internet troll and edgy jokester like Fuentes who also backs Ye’s radical political stances might push Ye to do more off-the-wall interviews.

All told, while we don’t know much for certain right now, keeping an eye on this upcoming interview is likely worth it, as if it does happen, it may well set the internet on fire again.

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