19 Dec 2019 11:17 AM +00:00 UTC

Stranger Things Star Confirms Marvel's The New Mutants Premiere Date

It looks like The New Mutants will still be released, and it's happening really soon. Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton, who plays one of the young mutants in the film, has just revealed that the long-delayed movie is sticking to its planned premiere date.

Heaton recently attended the fan convention For the Love of Sci-Fi where he spoke about working on The New Mutants (via X-Men Films). At first, Heaton joked that he didn't know when the movie will hit theaters but he quickly confirmed that the release date isn't going to be moved again.

"I don't know," Heaton said before adding, "No, it's coming out next year, but we filmed it almost two years ago. It's the release [date] that's been moved quite a while."


He's not exactly wrong there. The New Mutants was supposed to premiere several times in the past but has repeatedly been moved back. Nevertheless, it's good to know that the film is finally ready to hit theaters by next year.

Heaton also offered some insight on what The New Mutants will be about.

"If you don't know, The New Mutants is like an X-Men spinoff," Heaton said. "It was a comic book; Bill Sienkiewicz did it and it was an X-Men comic. It's basically like a separate bunch of mutants. We shot this a while back and it's been pushed because Fox has now merged with Disney."

At this point, we know that the movie is going to be more of a horror film, which is quite exciting. We certainly can't wait to see The New Mutants after the long wait.

The New Mutants is scheduled for release on April 3, 2020.

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