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Stranger Things Showrunner Sadie Sink Responds to MCU Casting Rumors

Stranger Things showrunner Sadie Sink recently commented on the recent rumors suggesting she has been cast in the MCU, responding to several fan casting. Sadie Sink has been rumored to be joining MCU’s X-Men plans, with Jean Grey being linked to her name.

In a recent interview with Extra’s Katie Krause, Stranger Things showrunner Sadie Sink finally addressed the rumors suggesting the actress is joining the MCU. When Sink was asked if she knew about the rumors, Sink responded saying, "I am denying these rumors. It’s not true.” Krause followed up with a question, "Are you sure?" To which Sink answered, "I’ve seen the rumors. I don’t know where they came from, but as of now they are not true.”

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Sink was then asked if she would be interested in joining a franchise like the MCU. The Stranger Things star said that "who wouldn’t want to play a superhero?” before saying that she does not have her eye on any hero, “I mean I don’t know enough about it to know what superheroes are available at the moment. Like, how many do we have left? I don’t know. I’ll keep my eye out though.”

Previously, a report from Giant Freakin Robot stated that Sink was joining the MCU, with the outlet saying that she would play Songbird, an anti-hero seen in several iterations of Thunderbolts. Although it hasn’t happened yet, it feels like a matter of time before one of the Stranger Things cast of kids joins a super-powered franchise. Sadie’s co-star Caleb McLaughlin said in the past that he would love to join either the DCU or the MCU.

McLaughlin recently said during Heroes Comic-Con in Brussels that "he "[wants] to do a superhero film," saying Static Shock as the hero he would like to play. The actor also responded to the fans demanding he play the MCU’s Miles Morales, "[I] would definitely be up for it."

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 and 2 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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