Stranger Things Season 4: Sadie Sink's Max is the Core of the Show According to Producer

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Stranger Things Season 4 is making its big comeback this year for the beloved Netflix series and the Hawkins gang are all grown up six months after the Battle of Starcourt. According to the producer of the show, the core of this run would be Sadie Sink’s character, Max, as she gets to another level, more than just being the new girl.

In an interview with IGN, the producer and director of the show, Shawn Levy, reveals how Max will be the emotional core of the season with a storyline of her own which Levy describes as a “Sadie anthem,” after Max saw the death of her brother in the previous season, “Episode Four, ‘Dear Billy,’ is the episode we've been waiting to give Sadie Sink since the day we met her.”

Levy added that it was all thanks to the Duffer Brothers why Sadie Sink gets to be the emotional center of the show, “This, to me, is one of the core superpowers of the Duffer brothers. They have a plan. They always have a plan, but they always watch and adjust based on what the actors deliver.”

In the same interview, Sadie Sink talked about how her character grew over the years, “Max in Season 4 is a little bit closer to where she was in Season 2, because she had this guard up just from being the new kid. And then in Season 3, she relaxes into something and we get to see a more of a fun and comfortable version of Max.”

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Sink teased that Season 4 will meet a familiar version of Max but this time, it’s on a whole new level, “But with Season 4, she's reverted back to her old ways, but on another extreme. She took it to another level. So, in some ways it feels familiar, but it's really, it's just heartbreaking to see. It's almost like the life has been drained out of her.”

Sadie Sink has been a late addition to the Hawkins gang, entering Stranger Things in Season 2 as the new girl in town. She got really close to the group, especially with Eleven and Lucas who later became her love interest. However, by the time Season 3 arrived, she lost her brother, Billy, right before her eyes.

Stranger Things Season 4: Sadie Sink's Max is the Core of the Show According to Producer
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Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things Season 4: Sadie Sink's Max is the Core of the Show According to Producer

Other than the Upside Down, Stranger Things Season 4 will meet the newest villain, the humanoid, Vecna. The evil that they are about to face is much more sinister than what they experienced before and it’s exciting to see what else the next installment of the show can offer.

Aside from the team getting back together and having a new villain, Stranger Things Season 4 is also expected to explore more on how Hopper survived after his sacrifice in the end of Season 3 and how he ended up working like a prisoner in Russia.

Stranger Things Season 4 has been teased to have a horror movie vibe this season which will be divided into two with Volume 1 and 2. The first part will be dealing with events six months after what happened in Season 3 where the Hawkins gang fought the Mind Flayer at the Starcourt Mall and Jim Hopper had to sacrifice himself for the safety of his adoptive daughter, Eleven, and the others.


Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 will premiere on May 27, 2022, and Volume 2 will be out of July 1.

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